The magic question - How to prepare well for tests?

To perform well in a test environment is hard to master. To know your work and content is one key element, but to work through questions with speed and accuracy is another ball game.

Unfortunately there isn’t a magic potion for this. In our eyes, we do believe in a few magic ingredients that once mixed well, can help a student be best prepared.

Here are a few hints and tips on some exam strategies, especially with OC placement or Selective placement tests.

Stay calm and collected

With any exam be it a class test, NAPLAN, Opportunity Placement or Selective Test, most often than not, come with exam nerves. As hard as it may be, students need to try and be calm and relaxed.

Exam jitters are normal and need to be embraced, and students need to be comfortable with this feeling. This is where practicing in exam condition helps one become familiar with these types of exam nerves and emotions.

Before the big test, try and not cram and do last minute studies. Although it may work for some, its best that your mind and body is at its optimal best to perform well for the test. Read a novel, enjoy some down time and have a good night’s sleep.

Know your work, Study your topics

To do well in an exam, it is imperative that students know their work. Ascertain what topics/content will most likely be tested and ensure that they know how to solve these types of questions in a non-timed environment. There is no point in going straight for practice tests, if one does not know the work.

Remember, OC and Selective Placement tests are aimed to select our academically strong students from the rest. There will definitely be challenging questions, there is no doubt about it. The best way to prepare for these, is to make sure the foundation of topic knowledge is solid. This will give students a better chance in attempting the question, rather than guessing or leaving it blank.

Underline key words

To try and ascertain what a problem is asking is daunting, especially if the time is ticking and there isn’t much time to spend on each question. Get into practice of breaking down the problem into smaller chunks. Underline key words and don’t be shy of writing and working out all over the test booklet (if allowed, that is).

Watch the time

This is where most students are under prepared. Students do not realise how quickly time can pass when attempting to complete a test. Students need to create a habit to always look at the time to ensure time is not overspent on one question. Each student will have their own way of doing it, but a good start is to always check the time, after completing one page of questions.

If a student is stuck on a question, they need to learn to mark that question and move on to the next. But make sure they leave time towards end of the test to come back to these questions.

Each student will have their own test style and approach, but with practice, students will learn to know what works for them. This is important. Without practice, one would not know and refine this skill.

We attempt to sprinkle some of our many techniques into our Opportunity Class Placement trial tests and Selective Placement trial tests. We aim to help prepare students with solid exam techniques and review exam style questions.

If you would like more detail on our Opportunity Class Placement or Selective Placement Trial Tests, contact us for a free assessment and consult.

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