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What we offer

After an initial consultation and online assessment, we will provide you with a recommendation based on consult and assessment results.

Our featured courses are WEMT Course (learning) and our Trial Test Courses.

Our Fundamental Learning Course - WEMT

WEMT stands for Writing, English, Mathematics and Thinking Skills. It is a well-structured program to assist students build up their knowledge and skill set across all these subject areas.

Learning WEMT Course Guide

We are well known for our curriculum and structured content. Click below to view our Term 2, 2022 Course Guide

Year 6+ Course Guide

Trial Test Course

Our Trial Test Courses allow students to familarise themselves with completing tests in a test environment; the test structure and various styles of questions under exam condition.

We offer Opportunity Placement Trial Tests and Selective Placement Trial Test Courses.

These courses help your child to manage his/her time efficiently, minimise careless mistakes and overcome examination nerves. Students complete weekly practice tests in exam condition with incorrect answers explained after the test.

Taking a Test

Benefits of a Trial Test Course

  • Assists with improving a students’ speed and accuracy of solving questions in exam condition
  • Weekly Test reports are available which help assist in identifying student’s weak areas, providing feedback to parents on areas which require more focus and attention
  • Exam tips and techniques are provided throughout the course term
  • Extra revision and practice questions are available via our online learning portal
  • Access to some incorrect questions for extra review and practice
More than 4,000 selective exam-style questions are available for students under exam conditions. The most relevant and accurate types of questions are developed by our Research and Development team in accordance with recent trends and feedback from teachers and our top achieving students.