Our Program

Our results driven tuition program aims to help deliver on student's individual academic goal.
The success of our program is underpinned by our approach, which comprises (but not limited) to the below.
Our Program aims to help :
       Improve on student's current academic performance. 
       Get students into their school of choice - OC, Selective or Scholarship placement goals. We can help!
      Challenge students - in what we teach. We love brains ticking, so we always ensure capable students are always challenged. 
      Help students who struggle with school work or feel they are falling behind. Through our assessment process, we will identify this and give our parents options on best ways to help. 
For more information on our tuition program - please contact us for a free consultation and assessment.
WEMG Course


Our signature core program of Writing, English, Mathematics and General Ability. These subjects are taught by professional Teachers in a robustly structured program. Our program has proven (over many years) to help many students improve and challenge students academically . 

Trial Test Courses


Specially designed courses to prepare students for Opportunity Class and Selective or Scholarship Placement tests.

Cyber School


Pre Uni New College's dedicated online portal for students and parents to get video lessons and additional support in our WEMG and trial test program.

Free Homework classes


Extra support is provided to students in our free Homework classes led by dedicated Tutors. Students get extra 1on1 time to get help on challenging questions.

Regular feedback


We provide ongoing feedback and check-ins with both students and parents. This helps parents keep track of their student's progress, and for us to ensure we are on the right path to help students.