Selective Placement Trial Test Course

Our Selective Trial Test Course (STTC) will help your child to manage his/her time efficiently, minimise carelessness and overcome examination nerves. Students not only complete the tests, but difficult and the more challenged questions are explained to the students. Students are taught and given strategies on how to perform to the best of their ability in exam condition.

This program has been updated to align with the latest Selective Placement test updates (from 2021). Subjects now include mathematical reasoning and thinking skills. Trial tests are now conducted online via laptops in our classrooms.

What are the key benefits?
  • Our Selective Placement Trial Test Course increases students’ accuracy when solving questions

  • This program helps students solve questions quickly (and accurately)

  • Through practicing exam questions every week, students’ results and abilities improve.

  • Weekly result sheets display student’s weak areas (and strength) , which provide feedback to parents on areas which the student should concentrate on.

  • Students’ performance and progress are assessed accurately on a weekly basis.

Please contact us for a free assessment and consultation to see if this program is suitable for your child.